Mestre Camisa, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Mestre Camisa, Rio de Janiero, Brazil


ACANYC shares the name and philosophy with the international ABADÁ-Capoeira organization, which was founded in 1988 by Mestre Camisa (José Tadeu Carneiro Cardoso) and is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. ABADÁ is an acronym—ABADÁ-Capoeira, translated into English, stands for “Brazilian Association for the Support and Development of the Art of Capoeira.”

Mestre Camisa developed his own philosophy and methodology for teaching Capoeira by following the innovative concepts of his teacher, Mestre Bimba, the great master of Capoeira regional. ABADÁ-Capoeira strives for originality and the constant refinement of Capoeira. By incorporating elements of both Capoeira Regional and Capoeira Angola, ABADÁ-Capoeira embraces the modernizing innovations of Mestre Bimba without losing sight of Capoeira’s history and philosophy. Today, the group is renowned for its efficiency, aesthetics, historical richness, and cultural relevance.  Mestre Camisa's vision for ABADÁ-Capoeira is to be an organization that moves forward while keeping one foot in the past, maintaining tradition yet adapting to society's changes.

ABADÁ-Capoeira believes that the study of Capoeira involves dedication to the various aspects of the art. The group promotes the awareness of and respect for Capoeira’s rich history and seeks to preserve and recover the games, rhythms, and instruments that have contributed to the life of this ancient art.  At the same time, ABADÁ-Capoeira is committed to the pursuit of technical mastery of the physical elements of Capoeira. The group’s techniques are constantly being refined to improve efficiency and prevent injury. The group encourages individual competency and knowledge of the music and instruments of Capoeira.

Capoeira is also an effective vehicle for social integration and for stimulating individual growth. ABADÁ-Capoeira’s teaching methods seek to challenge and support students; it is rooted in the belief that encouragement and positive role modeling enable Capoeira to enrich the lives of all students, regardless of skill level or background. Through its teachings, ABADÁ-Capoeira provides students with leadership skills and tools to develop into competent professionals.

Participants are involved in the larger Capoeira community in Brazil and throughout the world thanks to special events in the USA and abroad. The organization is driven by the life-long commitments of Mestre Camisa and the ABADÁ-Capoeira artists who have brought Capoeira to cities, countries, schools and gyms around the world.

Today, ABADÁ-Capoeira is the largest and most successful Capoeira group in the world and is represented on six continents and throughout Brazil.